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Investment Professionals

Mabry Calvin was founded 20 years ago in 1989. From the beginning, our focus has been to combine the high level of expertise of Corporate Pension Consulting with the needs of High-Net-Worth Investors.

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Our Investment Philosophy

Successful investing is easier than you think

While every investor has a unique set of circumstances and a unique set of needs, the fundamentals of investment success are universal and unchanging. Unfortunately, most investors are unaware of these basic fundamentals.

No one can guarantee investment success. However, there are key ingredients that, when present, can increase your odds for investment success. A few of these ingredients are:

  • Low investment fees and expense
  • Low portfolio turnover
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Tax efficiency
  • Patience

For most investors, the investment community is more enemy than friend. Some investors understand this. Most do not. For more than 20 years, we have monitored investment portfolios designed by members of the brokerage, bank, trust, insurance, financial planning, and investment advisory community. Over the years we have formed investment philosophies based upon what we have witnessed and what we have learned.

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