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Investment Professionals

Mabry Calvin was founded in 1989. From the beginning, our focus has been to combine the high level of expertise of Corporate Pension Consulting with the needs of High-Net-Worth Investors.

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Our Philosophy

No one can guarantee investment success, however, there are key ingredients that can increase your odds for investment success.

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Investment Programs

The Watch Dog Program

Our signature service has been offered to Mabry-Calvin clients since our early days as Corporate Pension Consultants. The Watch Dog program allows us to gather information on all your investments accounts, no matter where they are – no matter who manages the assets. We combine this information on one web-based platform and provide daily investment performance. We monitor for investment return, investment risk, cost and expense, cash flow, asset allocation and goal-tracking. (more +/-)

The YEP Program

This low-cost, low-turnover, tax-efficient asset allocation investment program combines inexpensive ETF’s, no-load indexes, proven mutual fund managers, and individual stocks in a strategically balanced, fundamentally-proven, broadly-balanced investment structure. The YEP strategy is based on the writings and experiences of the Chief Investment Officer of one of the largest and most successful Foundation Investment Programs in the United States. (more +/-)

The MAGI Program

Program is available only to Accredited Investors.

The MAGI program is a handcrafted Focused Equity portfolio (Less than 30 positions) designed for long-term growth. It is comprised of the top portfolio picks of a handful of America’s most highly-successful, low-turnover, value-oriented investment Managers. Most of these investment managers either do not accept new clients, do not manage public funds, or have extremely high investment account minimums. Some of these managers are only available through highly-illiquid Hedge Fund LP’s. (more +/-)

The Specialty Portfolio Program

When Mabry-Calvin is engaged to provide Watch Dog monitoring services for a client, we often uncover gaps in an investor’s current investment plan. Rather than make costly or unnecessary changes to a well-constructed investment program, we build an investment portfolio to fill the gaps. These specially-built investment portfolios may be passive or active in nature. Each portfolio is as unique as the client for which it is designed. However, all are designed to maximize our own investment philosophy of low-cost, low-turnover, high-quality, tax-efficient, traditional investment program design.

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